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Character balancing

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Character balancing

Post by Eternal on Thu Nov 24, 2016 8:07 pm

As it stands, I think making sure the classes are effective (in some manner) at all levels before worrying about monster balance (can't really balance monsters around broken characters)

so far, DL, Elf, Summoner, and RF appear to be fine (with RF dark side skill being grossly overpowered considering max stats)

BK might? have some issues with how you're changing monster defense, but overall the stats are how they should work, so some sort of a buff to the class is needed I think, even if minor
(comparatively low damage on BK should be alright, considering their skills work effectively at any speed, same with MG and SM)

MG I have not played yet, although I have the same concerns as BK, especially since they don't get a skill damage% boost with energy, so at base formulae, they'll probably be severely underpowered without a buff.

so far the only really broken character seems to be the SM, both soul barrier and wizardry enhance aren't working properly, soul barrier appears not to work at all (this may be an issue with the % going over 100%, I do not have an SM though, going off data from Spirits) and wizardry enhance appears to only be working on minimum wiz damage at a rate of 14% or so, and not on maximum at all (he hasn't checked master buffs or not yet)

I think monster damage is fine, seems well balanced around having an EE in party on higher maps and bosses(could even make it higher on the true bosses assuming you fix soul barrier)

tldr; BK and MG could use some kind of a buff, RF dark side skill might even use a nerf, and SM needs a total overhaul.


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